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If you’ve ever worried about providing balanced raw meals with the right ingredients for your dog, cat, or ferret…and you wished there was a home for raw feeders like us to get answers to your questions…then you’re going to love this new community!

In 2016, I was devastated when I lost my 4 year old ferret, Firo.

He often experienced illnesses. When he turned 3 years old, I had to rush him to the animal hospital for an emergency splenectomy. Not long after that, he developed insulinoma and adrenal disease, and finally…lymphoma.

After I lost Firo, I discovered he came from an industrial pet mill that breeds ferrets and dogs in factory farms, and then shipped them out to pet stores.

This industrial breeder also produced their own branded food…which I had been feeding Firo ever since he was little. I had never considered the ingredients before, but it was packed with meat by-products (often from discarded animals), tons of refined carbohydrates, and even cancer-causing preservatives!

Ferrets are obligate carnivores and require a strict meat-based diet, so these ingredients are incredibly damaging to their body. I had no doubt this species-inappropriate food contributed to Firo's death.

When Firo died, I vowed to feed my future pets…

The most species appropriate diet I could find...even if I had to make it myself!

I dove into pet nutrition and learned about the raw diet. I read about all the health benefits it provided, including:

But I was too intimidated to get started. The amount of information was overwhelming. So many sources told you to do different things. Creating a DIY raw meal just seemed completely over my head.

I had so many questions and just felt stuck and alone.

Despite this though, I invested months pouring over everything I could find about the healthiest way to feed raw diets, where to source meats, what nutrients are required for cats, dogs, and ferrets, and what foods provide these nutrients.

Balancing homemade meals is vital. Nutrient deficiencies are a major risk with homemade diets, because many owners tend to only focus on the ingredients, and don’t pay enough attention to the nutrients in the meal.

Even though commercial food is usually filled with poor quality ingredients and synthetic nutrients, at least it is complete and balanced.

When making a homemade meal, feeding species appropriate foods is only the beginning.

For a pet to thrive, the diet needs to be complete and balanced in order to provide the greatest benefits.

Once I discovered how to consistently create balanced raw meals for my pets, the difference between dry food and raw became like night and day.

It’s tough to describe the primal bond I feel with my pets–knowing I’m the one formulating and providing a diet that helps them thrive. I couldn’t imagine ever feeding a commercial diet again.

I wanted other owners to feel this same feeling of empowerment. This led me to start a YouTube channel dedicated to pet nutrition, which now has almost 70,000 subscribers.

My passion also led me to getting a certification in Canine Nutrition (Cert.CN). This journey wasn't easy, but now it's my mission to use my experience to help you.

I don’t want you to face the same struggles I did. That’s why, after 7 years of raw feeding 3 different species, I’ve decided to…

Create a community where you can get customized recipe help and answers to all your raw feeding questions.

Getting formulated recipes through certified nutritionists can be expensive (and sometimes impossible because they’re often booked up–including me!)

Imagine never again being at the mercy of others…and able to create balanced recipes yourself. And if you ever get stuck…you can get answers to your questions from me and the other members.

If you want me to give feedback on a recipe you’ve created, I’m there to help.

And if you’re not comfortable making your own balanced recipes yet, you’ll get access to the new recipes I release each month!

Here is just a taste of what you get as a ‘Paws of Prey Club’ member…

Get Answers to All Your Questions From Me and Other Experienced Raw Feeders

Free Monthly Raw Recipes That You Can Use To Feed Your Dog, Cat, Or Ferret

Learn And Ask Questions During Our Monthly Raw Food Topic + Q&A Livestream

Get Your Meals Reviewed Personally By Me On An Additional Monthly Meal Review Livestream

Plus, you’ll get 7 incredible bonuses just for giving the Club a try…

Ultimate Meal Prep Video Guide

How To Fully Balance With Whole Foods

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