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Raw Meal Formulator

Google Sheets Based

A super-simple tool to build and balance your pet’s meal with ease!

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Paws of Prey Club

As a member, you will get…

Custom Recipes Plus Coaching

Starting at $67.00

Allow me to create a custom, balanced meal for your pet that’s specifically tailored to their species, breed, age, and lifestyle.

Up To Four Balanced Recipes

These recipes will incorporate foods that you can source in your area with a nutritional analysis of your choosing (NRC, AAFCO, or FEDIAF) included to ensure essential nutrients are met.

Three Week Email Coaching

We will be in touch during your pet’s raw transition process to troubleshoot any problems along the way to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Sourcing Support

We will work together on figuring out what markets in your area supply essential ingredients for your pet’s individual meal(s).

Optional Phone Consultation

You can add one 30 minute phone consultation to discuss anything you need to help your pet on their raw feeding journey. 

Meal Analysis


Are you making your pet’s raw meals yourself, but want to make sure it’s meeting their nutrient requirements?

I will review your personal recipe and provide you with a detailed analysis of what nutrients are too low or too high.

Phone Consult

Starting at $59

Have a few questions or need of a little guidance with raw feeding your pet? Let’s talk!

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