Raw Feeding Starter Kit

No more manual balancing & math, our simple Google Sheets template will do all of this for you!


Choose a video to see how easy it is to build your meals!

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Balancing your pet's meals is critical for their long-term health.

Our Formulator will do this for you!

1. Input your pet’s information

2. Add fresh foods into
the meal

3. See what nutrients
are missing

4. Save your balanced meal

Know with confidence you’re feeding a nutritious, balanced meal.

"These formulation tools are great & an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to make a nutritionally complete homemade diet! I’ve been formulating diets professionally for years & can confidently say the Paws of Prey formulation tools are extremely well put together, incredibly easy for anyone to use & well worth every penny! Highly recommend!!!"
Erin Christy
founder of Raw Pets Rule
"First of all I’ve been loving it. It is quite easy to use, especially for people who work in spreadsheets a lot. I don’t, but didn’t have much trouble figuring it out. I LOVE how easy it is to add a new item from the ingredient list, and how easy it is to go down and change things around after you add it. The thing I probably liked the most out of everything was the colored tab on the right hand side that shows you if you’re meeting allowance or not. What a great visual!!!"
"Paws of prey opened a new world for me and my dog. I now always look to give whole food instead of kibble and synthetic vitamins. Great educational videos are now complemented with easy to use formulator. I can easily see what is missing from a diet, save different recipes/print them and have them while prepping. Thank you so much for sharing knowledge and experience, you made our switch to raw much easier."
"I just wanted to say thank you for making the feeding calculator for us and making it really easy and affordable for the raw feeder… You have made significant contributions to the raw feeding community to do it right with budget in mind! I just purchased the calculator today and realized that I did not meet many of the requirements for my puppy, I only met the balanced requirements if she is an adult dog. I feel more confident to give a more balanced meal than I did before. Thanks again for your effort!"
"I bought the formulator and have been really happy with it! I’ve used several other meal formulators and yours is by far the best and most user friendly."
"It’s an absolute lifesaver!! It makes meal prepping so much easier and now I have peace of mind that all their meals are balanced."